3 Steps All Marketers Must Take To Be Successful In Digital Marketing As the CEO of a digital marketing agency that promotes a wide range of products and services to a diverse clientele across the country — from small businesses to Fortune 500s, we have seen it all. When we meet with clients to discuss their marketing strategy, the most-asked question we get is: "How does digital marketing work?" Businesses often know the results they are looking to achieve and which platforms they are trying to break into but lack insight into how to go about doing that.  Successfully getting started in digital marketing can be broken down into three simple steps that can help a business stand out and compete with giants in the field.  Step 1: Learn. The first job of a good digital marketer is to understand a client's long-term plan for their business. This includes being able to answer the following questions: What are the company's objectives? Understanding the company's bus

COVID-19 outbreak among students forces closure of LA County school

Students at   View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter High School   were expected to undergo a new round of   COVID-19   testing Thursday, after a sudden spike in cases among students last week prompted the school to return to remote learning -- the first known virus-related campus closure in the county since schools welcomed students back. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, the school at 5701 Crenshaw Blvd. switched back to virtual learning this week after results from last Thursday's round of COVID testing showed infections among 15 students, including one football player, along with one staff member. That was more infections among students than the school had detected over the entire school year, The Times reported. Dr. Ferrer shares tips for a COVID-Safe Halloween and updates LA County status Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, joined us to share tips for a COVID-Safe Halloween and give us an update on Los Angeles C